The White Invaders

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Thus, this episode can be seen as showing Vincent achieve his goal of 'convincing disbelieving authorities' at least, and the Invaders' plans temporarily thwarted, leaving the door open for any possible later sequel or spinoff series. The series was produced by Quinn Martin, who was looking for a show to replace the immensely popular The Fugitive , which was ending its run in Larry Cohen, the series' creator, had conceived two earlier series with similarities to The Invaders.

Chuck Connors starred in Branded as a soldier court-martialed for cowardice, who traveled the West searching for witnesses and proof that he had acted valiantly, and Coronet Blue about Michael Alden, a man suffering from amnesia who was being pursued by a powerful group of people.

All he could remember were the words "Coronet Blue". While these paranoid tales of extraterrestrials who lived among us, posing as humans while planning a takeover, are usually linked with a Red Scare subtext, Martin simply wanted a premise that would keep the hero moving around and that would explain why he could not go to the authorities i.

The White Invaders

However, as the series unfolded, the various 'disappearances' of people in episodes killed by the Invaders, such as Vincent's partner Alan Landers—played by James Daly—in the pilot, etc. The flying saucer design was influenced by two UFO photographs. On August 3, highway traffic engineer Rex Heflin took several pictures of a flying craft, while working near the Santa Ana freeway.

Heflin did not report his sighting, but the photographs were published by the Santa Ana Register on September 20, The second is the Adamski case. On December 13, , in Palomar Gardens, California, the contactee George Adamski took a series of photographs through his telescope, of a bell-shaped craft, today well known as the Adamski Scout Ship. The upper hull and flat top from the Heflin case were combined with the bell-shaped outer flange and three rings of the Adamski case. The five hemispheres in the bottom of the craft seem to emulate the three semispheres in the Adamski Scout Ship.

Then, following the bumper, each episode begins with a cold open , to help set up the plot of the episode to come. After the prologue, the main title appears, announced by Dick Wesson :. A different shot of Thinnes' face was used for the second season. This would be followed by the opening narration by Bill Woodson :. Then, in a manner typical of Quinn Martin productions, Wesson would announce, "The guest stars in tonight's story…", and finally, the title of the episode about to be viewed.

For many viewers, the theme of paranoia infusing The Invaders often appeared to reflect Cold War fantasies of communist infiltration that had lingered from the McCarthy period a decade earlier. Series creator Larry Cohen has acknowledged that this was intended, along with a political theme for the series. In audio commentary for the episode "The Innocent", included in the first-season DVD collection, Cohen said his knowledge of the blacklisting of Hollywood screenwriters for their communist connections inspired him to make "a mockery" of the fear of the infiltration of society, by substituting space aliens for communists.

Cohen also acknowledged he was not the first to turn Cold War fears into science-fiction drama; such fears had influenced such films as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and especially I Married a Monster from Outer Space. Cohen also stated in his commentary that the political intent inherent in some of his creations, including The Invaders , was not always appreciated or shared by left-wing producers and actors.

In an interview shown in the special-features segment included on the DVD release of Invasion of the Body Snatchers , star Kevin McCarthy strongly denied any desire by director Don Siegel or the film's writer to connect the invaders to communists. The reference to the Soviet Union training their spies using American settings was a popular plot device in mid's television shows. Boris Korczak, a former double agent who worked for the CIA, spying on the KGB from , has stated that the Soviet Union training their spies in American settings is not a product of McCarthy-era paranoia, but is based on fact.

Neither the Invaders nor their planet were ever named. Their human appearance was a disguise; they were shown in their true form in two episodes. In "Genesis" season one, episode five , an ill alien researcher loses his human form and is briefly seen immersed in a tank of water. One scene in the series showed an alien beginning to revert, filmed in soft focus and with pulsating red light. They had certain characteristics by which they could be detected, such as the absence of a pulse or heartbeat and the inability to bleed.

Most of the aliens, in particular the lowest-ranking members or workers in green jumpsuits, were emotionless and had deformed little fingers that could not move and were bent at an unnatural angle, although "deluxe models" could manipulate this finger.

Black aliens' palms were not pale, like humans of African descent, but were the same shade as the rest of their skins. Also, a number of mutant aliens experienced emotions similar to those of humans, and even opposed the alien takeover.

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The aliens plan to detonate an antimatter bomb at the same time and place as a scheduled nuclear test and cause millions of deaths. Neither the Invaders nor their planet were ever named. Kramer is also killed. The desperate aliens then bring a regeneration van to the farmhouse driveway. Or when the bone marrow stops making enough white blood cells to keep you healthy. The account details entered are not currently associated with an Irish Times subscription. Army major "Doomsday Minus One" , or a NASA official "Moonshot" would become aware of the alien threat and survive the episode in which he or she was introduced.

The existence of the Invaders could not be documented by killing one and examining the body. When they died, their bodies would glow red and burn up along with their clothes and anything else they were touching, leaving little more than traces of black ash. On several occasions, a dying alien would deliberately touch a piece of their technology to prevent it from falling into the hands of humans. In episode three "The Mutation" , one of them a female alien who falls for Vincent and helps him escape from being killed, but ends up being killed herself while running from a farm house to warn him he is in danger tells David Vincent, "That's what happens to us when we die here on Earth.

The type of spaceship by which the Invaders reach the Earth is a flying saucer of a design derivative of that shown in the contestable early s photographs of self-proclaimed UFO "contactee" George Adamski , but instead of having three spheres on the underside, the Invaders' craft has five shallower protrusions.

Numerous pieces of alien technology featured "penta" or five-sided designs. It was a principle of the production crew not to show them with set and prop designs and control panels that were utterly alien from the conventional human ones such as H. Giger would later present in Alien. They use a small, handheld, disc-shaped weapon with five glowing white lights applied to the back of the victim's head or neck to induce a seemingly natural death, which is usually diagnosed as a cerebral hemorrhage.

They also employ powerful weapons to disintegrate witnesses, vehicles, and in one episode, a sick member of their own race whose infection's side effects were resulting in unwanted notoriety. Also in their arsenal is a small device consisting of two spinning, transparent crystals joined at their corners, which forces human beings to do the aliens' bidding in most cases to impose the complete loss of memory of the previously described events.

When charter pilot Barney Cahill Jack Warden is forced to make an emergency landing in a storm, one of his passengers is injured. To Cahill's puzzlement, the "man" is not in pain or bleeding. The passengers take the pilot with them to their destination: Midlands Academy. The head of the institution, Dr. Reynard Murray Matheson , offers him a great deal of money to forget what he has seen and keep on flying in new pupils. Cahill accepts. David Vincent, following a familiar Invader David Sheiner he has encountered by chance, ends up at the same campus, and he finds it to be a training center where newcomers to Earth are trained to mimic humans and exploit their emotions.

The charade goes so far as intelligently discussing salient political and cultural issues of the times. Vincent is spotted, but manages to get away. When he contacts Cahill, the pilot reluctantly agrees to bring his next batch of passengers to Vincent and waiting police.

A White Shape in the Moonlight

However, Cahill's much younger wife Stacy Susan Oliver , eager for the money, alerts the Invaders, unaware of their true nature. The aliens intercept and kill the policemen. Vincent warns Cahill by radio that the airport is now under their control; Cahill, realizing he has been betrayed by his own wife, crashes his airplane into Midlands Academy. Falling off a horse, Laurie Keller Antoinette Bower is pronounced dead by a physician. He reports the death using a police phone, but he then sees the woman rise and is himself killed by three aliens.

David Vincent, having read in the newspaper that the woman was reported alive by her husband, NORAD Major Dan Keller Jason Evers , suspects that she is an Invader: since the aliens have no pulse, an unconscious Invader could have been mistaken for dead. There, he is recognized by Major Stanhope Simon Scott , the base's intelligence officer, who lets him investigate. John Carter Dabney Coleman has called the local sheriff multiple times after witnessing saucers landing nearby again and again. Each time, the saucers are already gone when the sheriff arrives.

David Vincent shows up and tests Carter's claim that he can predict the time of the next landing. When Carter's prediction proves correct, he and Vincent manage to capture the curiously unguarded saucer — proof at last! But one alien escapes and warns his comrades. An old Korean war, U. Army friend of David Vincent's, Charlie Gilman Don Gordon stands accused of murdering Fred Wilk, whose body has vaporized following a fight between them near an open incinerator.

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The local sergeant Bill Zuckert thinks that the body was just thrown inside the incinerator. District attorney Slater Harold Gould is prosecuting and determined to convict. Local lawyer Barnard Russell Johnson is hired to defend Gilman, but he doesn't want any mention of aliens as it will spoil his defense.

David Vincent is convinced that Wilk was an alien — and if necessary, David Vincent is prepared to use that in his friend's defense in court at the risk of jeopardizing the case.

Wilk's wife Lynda Day George is an ex-lover of the accused Gilman and is called to the stand. She casts reasonable doubt on Wilk's being a human and thereby creates a conundrum for the judge Malcolm Atterbury. Alien Courier Tom Jessup Gene Hackman and his comrade aliens have just taken delivery from a saucer of a briefcase containing something vital: spores.

These experimental organisms, properly nourished, will grow into more resilient and better-adapted aliens able to tolerate life on Earth. On encountering a random police road-block the aliens panic and in the ensuing chase by sergeant Ernie Goldhaver John Randolph , the aliens crash and Jessup manages to get free and hide the briefcase. As the sergeant arrives, two of the aliens vaporize in front of the sergeant and Jessup.

Jessup is taken before police chief Mattson Wayne Rogers but denies all knowledge of anything whatsoever. Mattson, an alien, convinces Goldhaver that he was just imagining things. An alien falls ill on the street and an ambulance is called by a concerned woman. On the way to the hospital the alien keeps repeating 'kavanaugh'. The ambulance is overtaken by two other aliens who kill the two medics and retrieve their comrade.

David Vincent, on hearing that the two medics both died of cerebral hemorrhages, arrives in order to investigate. On questioning the woman he establishes that the alien was repeating the word 'kavanaugh' and also that a nearby company warehouse is called Kavanaugh.

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Vincent sneaks into the warehouse but is forced to hide in an empty upright locker. The locker is taken to a saucer after which Vincent lets himself out. But he subsequently blacks out under the tremendous acceleration forces of the ship's sudden takeoff.