Rural Sustainable Development in America

Rural Sustainable Development in America
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In addition, the Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals have provided a new framework for action for the implementation of policies focused on economic growth, environmental protection and social inclusion. View bibliographical record in the Digital Repository. Production, productivity and management. Corporate author: NU.

How Sustainable Development is Destroying Rural America

Download Publication pdf. Migration due to more gradual processes such as long-term droughts and heat waves is projected to increase in the coming years.

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And sea-level rise is another slow-burning threat that will force people to relocate. By , it is predicted that 1 billion people will live along the coastal strip less than 10 metres above sea level, making them highly vulnerable to sea-level rise and forced relocation. Barbier, E.

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Climate change impacts on rural poverty in low-elevation coastal zones. See all references. Projecting future climate-related movement is challenging, since migration results from complex interactions between economic, political, and environmental factors, as well as other issues.

A recent World Bank report suggests that by nearly million people in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Latin America could be forced to move within their countries in response to slow-onset impacts of climate change.

Rural communities: A hotspot for sustainable development

Millions of others may cross international boundaries. The media often covers climate-related migration as a crisis. But with good governance, such movement can actually promote progress towards UN goals. For example, as people move in pursuit of decent work SDG 8 , their remittances — earnings sent back to origin households — can improve climate resilience SDG 13 in their home communities through investments towards more sustainable agriculture SDG 2.

For example, in north-east India , migrant remittances have enabled the purchase of tractors, allowing some households to increase agricultural productivity as well as to accelerate planting and harvesting, thereby lessening the impact of flood seasons on their harvest. But climate-related migration can undermine other sustainable development goals, for example by overwhelming areas receiving large influxes of migrants, which may contribute to conflict and political instability, challenging SDG 16 — peace, justice, and strong institutions.

Locals in Tebikenikora, a village in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati. When tide is high the sea water very easily overflows the surrounding land making it impossible for people to use this land. Researchers continue to debate the complex link between climate, migration, and conflict, 3. Selby, J. Climate change and the Syrian civil war revisited.

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Political Geography, 60, Moser, S. Hart 'The long arm of climate change: societal teleconnections and the future of climate change impacts studies. See all references but environmental factors such as drought have played at least a partial role in migration from rural Syria, 5 5. Femia, F. An unstable, stable nation?

How can the development goals be achieved? | World Economic Forum

Climate, water, migration and security in Syria from — See all references Mexico, 6 6. Leyk, S. Population, space and place, 23 6. See all references and Tanzania.

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Buy Rural Sustainable Development in America on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. A key record of the problems and successes that rural communities have experienced with technological changes in.

Ocello, C. Environmental aspects of internal migration in Tanzania. Population and Environment, 37 1 , See all references In some cases, these population movements have been linked to conflict, in other cases not.

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Climate migrants as protestors? Dispelling misconceptions about global environmental change in pre-revolutionary Syria. Contemporary levant, 1 1 , See all references Even without a universal link between climate migration and conflict, a dialogue on security issues has emerged around this connection 9 9. Weinthal, E.

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As a nurse in a rural community and the chair of the programming committee for the Phelps County Extension Council, I am leading the way by supporting healthcare career fairs and events. Since human movement can both challenge and promote sustainable development, migration should be acknowledged and integrated within efforts to achieve many of the SDGs. Such climate, economic, and political pressures are unlikely to be reduced anytime soon, and good governance is essential to manage the resulting migration in ways that support sustainable development. The method of research in this study in terms of purpose is applied and descriptive-analytic in terms of method. This document is also available as a printed RAND report. Those interested should contact the community directly or see the references at the end of this report to learn the current status of these activities.

Securitizing water, climate, and migration in Israel, Jordan, and Syria. See all references and, in some regions, continues to shape negative perceptions of immigrants. Kita, S. Environmental migration and international political security. Routledge in association with GSE Research. Climate migration will continue. To leave their homes may be the only option facing residents of low-lying island states, such as Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean. Yamamoto, L. Migration as an adaptation strategy for Atoll Island States. International Migration, 55 2 , However, this is beginning to change.

In response to the climate vulnerability of low-lying Pacific states, New Zealand became the first country to propose a special refugee visa for island residents fleeing rising sea levels. We argue there is a human rights-based moral argument for relatively wealthy nations with higher per capita emissions to support those who contribute least to global warming but will be disproportionately affected by climate change. Farquhar, H. Victoria U. Wellington L. At the same time, urban planners face huge sustainability challenges.

By , urban infrastructure across the globe must accommodate 2. Rapid urbanisation has brought growth in informal settlements lacking infrastructure, which makes it hard to achieve many of the SDGs such as improved health SDG 3 , quality education SDG 4 , and clean water and sanitation SDG 6. Planning shortfalls also often increase the risks facing urban areas as natural disasters are projected to become more frequent and intense in many world regions.

Regional development

Consider the slums of Nairobi. The city has experienced dramatic growth and today has nearly 4. Slum residents have worse health than any other group of Kenyans, including rural residents. Although many people move to Nairobi in search of a better life, more households are falling into than moving out of poverty SDG 1. Mberu, B.

Etude de la Population Africaine, 30 3. Curitiba in Brazil illustrates the positive benefits of planning for urban growth. An example is the establishment of the Curitiba Industrial City, which underpins about 50, direct and , indirect jobs. The city is designated for industrial development but with strict environmental regulations.

Thoughtful transportation planning has resulted in far lower levels of congestion, which can improve income generation by freeing up time. Part of sustainable urbanisation is viewing migrants not solely as an economic burden, but also as an asset to the economy, as countries need foreign workers to meet labour shortages.

An ambitious programme in Chongqing in China trains rural migrants in skilled labour. In addition to job training, rural-urban migrants can receive one-off payments for rural assets and school transfers, and can be prioritised for public housing. Zhou, J.