Point Sur Lepidemie de SIDA: December 2003

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    Multiple versions found To view, click on the title or the link to the right. Controlling the HIV epidemic in Canada: a public health success?

    Surveillance sentinelle du VIH chez les femmes enceintes en Mauritanie entre et Personalize your results Edit. In Afghanistan, the U.

    Indian Kashmir, with a million population mostly made up of Muslims, has an estimated 20, HIV cases. In the Middle East countries, the official number of people suffering from the disease hit , Hallaj warned that this stage is "pre-epidemic" period where the disease could be controlled and after which it could slip out of hands.

    Meanwhile, renowned Egyptian writer Salama Ahmed Salama, pointed a finger at the lack of political will to face the issue extremely seriously.

    All of the sexual assaults happened between and For Solthis, this conference was an opportunity to present at international level, the work done for 5 years, its action on the ground every day, in direct support of care teams and national health policies. Jarrousse, I. Huber, M. Pizarro Download the poster.

    A long-time resident of Germany, Salama hoped that Muslim and Arab countries would follow in the footsteps of West in "facing the problem head-on". Also, the HIV-related stigma and discrimination most Muslim and Arab societies feel cause untold suffering to people living with the disease, mostly accused of catching the disease through illegal and unreligious sexual interaction.

    And this fear arises out of misunderstanding about the mood of transmission of the infection, its relation to socially unacceptable behaviors and the belief that HIV is a fatal disease" said Hussein Al- Gezairy Regional Director of WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region office. Noticeably, the rich countries are also coming under fire for the lack of action to help fight the disease in developing countries with the same vigor with which they have moved to combat terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the AIDS-afflicted countries.

    In an interview with the BBC a few days ago, U.

    Secretary General Kofi Annan said he was "very angry, distressed and helpless", as the world lacks political will to face the disease. In Afghanistan, where the U.

    VIH: Et si vous étiez séropositif sans le savoir?

    The governments also disappointed that their demands for the right to import generic medicines to replace the branded products from the major U. Little action is done, as the companies insist on keeping the rights of the pharmaceutical companies are protected by a World Trade Organization WTO "agreement on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights".

    But hope is still there, with many saying the situation could be much better in Arab and Muslim countries within coming years with current efforts to raise public awareness, promote media campaigns and abandon a political manipulation of the disease. In Indian Kashmir, where public discussion of sex is taboo, has startled elements of its conservative Muslim society by launching its first billboard campaign promoting condoms to combat AIDS.

    Signs in the Muslim-majority summer capital Srinagar and other major Kashmir cities feature a huge picture of a condom and a graphic of a man hugging a woman.