Driving Lessons: A Novel

Driving Lessons
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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 15, Melki rated it it was ok Shelves: crime-fiction. I'm not sure whose idea it was to publish this 72 page short story as a hardback novel, but they MUST have been drinking. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even my flabby brain had it figured out almost from page one.

This might have made a good minor subplot in one of the 87th stories, but as a book? View 2 comments. Mar 15, Sharon Barrow Wilfong rated it it was ok. I read another short story by McBain in a detective anthology and it was really good.

So I checked a pile of McBain books from my library. The first book I read was Driving Lessons, which is only about 72 pages along. It had so much promise. A teenage girl is taking driving lessons from a school teacher when she runs over a woman crossing the street.

The police arrive to find the girl hysterical and the teacher The premise is great. The teacher has nothing on his breath, I read another short story by McBain in a detective anthology and it was really good. The teacher has nothing on his breath, no alcohol.

Driving Lessons

He has no idea where he is. The girl swears he got into the car with her sober. They see a Coke he was drinking and test it. The question is, was this negligent homicide?

Lesson 1: Writing the First Novel

It's a difficult thing to do in series fiction, and Ms. Morvay, and I would've liked to see them actually have a deeper conversation and expand their awkward relationship in and out of school. He was unrealistically written, which infuriated me to no end. Then a crisis involving her best friend lands Sarah back in New York—a trip to the past filled with unexpected truths about herself, her dear friend, and her seemingly perfect sister-in-law. Obviously her dad is a bit of a jerk, but he redeemed himself a little towards the end, and hopefully continues to do so in the future. I give it a solid 4.

Detective Katie Logan is determined to bust this man because he is obviously guilty of negligent homicide. Or is he? What's going on?

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Like I said, the premise was good, but McBain failed to develop his ideas in a satisfactory way. He veered too much into Katie Logan's private life and her divorce. I suppose the purpose was to tie in Katie's personal angst with her prejudice against a school teacher who she assumes endangered his student and caused the death of a innocent pedestrian.

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It came across as fluff. Like the author had to find a way to stretch the story to 72 pages, which really isn't very long.

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At the end there was a graphic sexual scene I was not counting on and I have been trying to get that graphic out of my head all day. I resent the author for imposing this unexpected turn, brief and completely out of character to the rest of the story as it was. In the end, I found the conclusion unconvincing. I have the rest of the McBain books sitting in my car, unread, ready to be returned to the library. Feb 20, Ed rated it liked it Shelves: crime , novella , nyc. Crime novella - Woman is hit and killed by a student driver; the instructor seems high on drugs, and the dead woman turns out to be his wife.

Without the unnecessary subplot of the detective's pending divorce, the story wouldn't even have made 72 pages. Nov 21, Terry Wolanski rated it did not like it. I know it's bad to speak ill of the dead, but Ed McBain wrote this????? Feb 15, Loretta Cottone rated it it was ok. Quick read.

Dec 15, Eva rated it did not like it Shelves: read-in Mar 07, Shauna rated it it was ok. I really like the 87th Precinct series, however this novella wasn't as impressive. I won't hold this against Ed McBain. These are lessons on the art and craft of building a better mousetrap—a novel that will first attract and then entrap the reader. In a blaze of inspiration we are going to write to pages of a revealing, ruthlessly honest prose in which we are the thinly disguised main character.

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And in this story we will not only triumph in ways we have never done in real life, but it's also pay-back for the thinly disguised parents, bosses, ex-lovers, ex-spouses who never really, not really, appreciated us. We will send the manuscript off to a New York publisher, who after a slight but nail-biting delay will wire us a six-figured advance. A few months later, the book will soar to the best-seller list, earning millions in royalties, and we will be lionized in incredibly glamorous parties of the literati in New York and make the cover of People. We then have a torrid love affair with a fantasy figure, or two, or three, on which we can base a thinly-disguised second novel, before settling down with our true soul mate and stimulating intellectual equal.

When I once regaled a New York editor with whom I was working with this fantasy, she laughed uproariously, then paused, shook her head, and said, "You know, I know two writers that actually happened to. Forget genius, forget inspiration.

It takes time measured not in weeks or months, but years. Hemingway said, 'Write a million words.

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Write a million words. That was certainly my personal experience. Since most first novels run from , to , words, you do the math. Nor your second. Nor your third or probably fourth draft. I don't say this to discourage you. I say it to free you. To free you to experiment, explore blind alleys, to write and be bad, to be dissatisfied with what you write, and keep writing. For me, writing is like walking through a desert and all at once, poking through the hardpan, I see the top of a chimney.

I know there's a house under there, and I'm pretty sure that I can dig it up if I want. That's how I feel. It's like the stories are already there. What they pay me for is the leap of faith that says: 'If I sit down and do this, everything will come out okay. There is an idea abroad in the land that you should not start writing until you have a firm outline and know exactly where you are going. Rather obviously Stephen King doesn't agree. Hesik, as author, stays out of her characters' angst and drama to deliver a fresh, funny, romantic, twisty ride.

Driving Lessons

I cared about these people and their intersecting lives. Through the vivid descriptions and great pacing, I held my breath for the many collisions and consequences. And that driving-with-the-crew scene was a nail-biter, as well as laugh-out-loud funny. No one should try that … ever.