Dress and insignia of the British Army in Australia and New Zealand, 1770-1870

Dress Insignia British Army Australia by Montague
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Dress and insignia of the British Army in Australia and New Zealand, 1770-1870

Your first indication of an army connection may be an occupation on a death certificate 'pensioner' or 'soldier' but, after establishing the regiment number, you will likely find much information about his army career. How do you solve this problem? Another certificate such as the birth of a child of the soldier may provide the key.

You may find the number on his headstone or in an obituary. For serving soldiers in New Zealand your answer will be found in Hugh and Lyn Hughes' excellent book Discharged in New Zealand, Auckland, , which lists soldiers discharged during the period to For officers the easy approach is to check the annual published Army Lists.

For deserters you may find your ancestor in. Sexton, R. Sydney, ; and. Fitzmaurice, Y. Turning now to two other critical pieces of information you would like to obtain but may not. It is unusual to find the names of a soldier's parents in army records. Also such records, and civil records, usually don't reveal the name of the ship of arrival. Don't forget that some men who joined a regiment while in Australia could be native born. Also remember that the army and their families were not included in the musters and census returns. My first indication that William had army connections was from the birth certificate of his son John.

It showed that William was a Corporal in the 39th Regiment in But more interestingly the burial certificate of William's wife Sarah stated that she was the 'Wife of Sergeant of Mounted Police' and that she had arrived on the ship England. So luckily I had overcome two major problems, the number of the regiment and the ship of arrival. Next I checked Charles Bateson's standard reference work The Convict Ships , Sydney, , as most serving soldiers came as part of the army guard on a convict ship and found England.

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As son John's birth was in Sydney in it was easy to conclude that Sarah had arrived on the England's first voyage. Hopefully William was on board too. The Sydney Gazette of 20 September revealed that 'On Monday last arrived, from London direct, having sailed on the 6 May, the ship 'England', Captain Reay, with male prisoners, in good health.

The Surgeon Superintendent is Dr.

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Thomson, R. The guard comprises a detachment of the 39th, under orders of Major D'Arcy. Sometimes you will find the answer in the pay musters but not for the 39th. The Handbook, Part 7, for the Admiralty lists in alphabetical order convict ships not complete for the period to which have medical journals; mostly from England to Sydney.

Dress Insignia British Army Australia by Montague - AbeBooks

There is also a selection of journals for emigrant ships and HM Ships. These journals are handwritten and many are difficult to read. The information content can range from a simple summary of the kinds of medical cases treated by the surgeon, to an extensive report that records a day-to-day diary of the voyage, case reports under the name of each patient, and lists of all persons on board. So it was easy to find that the ship England was listed as being on microfilm reel I was pleased to find that the surgeon of the England had a good hand and had completed an extensive report.

Included in a list of the guard was Corporal William Lane, wife and three children not named. I checked the daily reports but found no reference to William, although many soldiers and convicts were mentioned. Two other sources well worth checking, especially if your ancestor was an officer, are the multi volumed Historical Records of Australia and the Historical Records of New South Wales.

You may find it difficult to find proof that your soldier ancestor arrived on a particular ship for soldiers to New Zealand see Hughes, Discharged in New Zealand. One way of deducing this with reasonable results is to establish from the pay musters when your ancestor was first listed as being in Australia and the name of his Company commander at that time.

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Then establish which ship the officer arrived on, as its likely your soldier was on the same ship if the timing is right. This may be all you can do.

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From these returns you can construct good details about the career of your ancestor. The pay musters provide. However, on occasions, AJCP reels can cover the muster immediately prior to and after the tour here. For William Lane I was able to find him on the musters while on duty with the army till he was transferred to the NSW mounted police in Soldiers with the mounted police were listed as supernumeraries in the pay musters of a regiment here at the time.

For example, William Lane was first listed as a supernumerary of his 39th Regiment and after the regiment left for India he was listed as a supernumerary of several regiments, the 4th, 80th, 99th and 11th. Because he enlisted under age the return states his birth date was prior to 23 December When a soldier in the mounted police was due to be discharged you should find him transferred back to the strength of the regiment of which he was last listed as a supernumerary. But a word of warning here.

William Lane was a corporal on joining the mounted police in Later he was promoted to sergeant in the mounted police but not in the army. Therefore on being returned to strength he is shown under the list of corporals. So we find an interesting recording in the pay musters for the 11th Regiment for December But before you get your hopes up I need to say that for the period covered by this paper you will only find a certificate if your ancestor was discharged to pension. War Office Class 97, which includes discharge certificates, has not been copied by the AJCP project as it is not possible without much research to distinguish those soldiers who were discharged in Australia from any others.

It is structured in regiment order. To give you some idea of the information content of a discharge certificate here are the details for William Lane. No Corporal William Lane. Trade - Labourer.

Born in the parish of Goodridge later found to be Goodrich County of Hereford. Goorkha Rifles, the 6th Q.

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